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92-00010 - MICROMIX® Mini Mix, Tube (10#), Ea : 10 pound tube
MICROMIX® Mini Cold Mix
10 pound tube

Use MICROMIX® mini cold mix to repair large cracks, small shallow potholes, eroding concrete expansion joints, and shallow pavement "pop outs". 

Benefits and Features:

  • Applicable to wide cracks and small irregular areas
  • Can be immediately opened to traffic
  • Seals out water 
  • Can be applied in wet or dry conditions
  • Load bearing
  • Compatible with the thermal expansion of concrete
  • Remains flexible, moves with the road material
Easy application steps:
  1. Clean area to be repaired
  2. Apply tack coat (such as our KOLD-FLO® crack filler)
  3. Apply MICROMIX® mini cold mix
  4. Compact
  5. Apply sand, cement powder, or road dirt to minimize tracking and accelerate set up
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$22.00 USD EA
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Coverage Rate Ten pounds covers approximately 0.5 square foot at 2" deep
Size 10 Pound Tube
Net Weight 10 pounds
Item Number 92-00010